Pine Street Physical and Occupational Therapy
is proud to offer an AOTA approved 10-month post professional 
OT Hand Therapy Fellowship program.

This program is designed to provide Occupational therapists with advanced knowledge and clinical reasoning skills to evaluate and treat Upper extremity injuries, integrate functional assessments into hand therapy and learn task analysis, home program/ client education and business skills in a safe learning environment.

The curriculum places an emphasis on collaborative, non-competitive and supportive learning in order to facilitate the exchange of ideas and allow therapists to engage in knowledge transfer. The extensive mentoring opportunity allows for competency in various skill sets including:

  • Evaluation of client – analysis of how dysfunction impedes participation in ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living)
  • Determining orthotic needs – orthotic design, fabrication and fit
  • Clinical decision-making – determining the most appropriate intervention approaches (manual therapy, modalities, splinting, leisure activity participation) within scope of pain, using the best evidence.
  • Understanding differential diagnosis for a large variety of hand and neurological impairments.
  • Improved confidence in Upper extremity treatment techniques and therapeutic interventions.
  • Practice Management skills

Interested candidates can reach out to for all questions.

Application deadline for 2022/2023 and Start Date of Fellowship to be determined.

Pine Street Physical and Occupational Therapy is now partnered with PT Solutions Physical Therapy who serves as the sponsoring organization for the OT Hand therapy Fellowship Program. The Program will utilize existing resources, along with resources from PT Solutions to continue to provide an outstanding fellowship experience.

Visit for more information on OT fellowship programs.

All clinical hours and curriculum content could be applied towards:

  • The Hand Therapy Certification Examination
  • AOTA Board Certification in Physical Rehabilitation –
  • This is a fulltime position, runs for 44 consecutive weeks which allows for over 1500 hours of clinical practice and exposure in the field of Hand therapy.
  • 340 hours of one-on-one clinical mentoring.
  • Over 54 hours of formal classroom/lab instruction.
  • Over 1200 hours of clinical experiences throughout the year.
  • Salary – to be discussed.
  • Further employment opportunities available after fellowship graduation.

Applicants Requirements:

  • Complete PTSolutions / Pine Street PT/OT employment application
  • add proof of:
    • Clinical experience in Hand Therapy (fieldwork II or employment
    • add 1 reference related to Hand therapy; 1 general reference
    • Continuing education coursework (see advanced practice requirements below)
    • Submit a 1-2 page essay of reason, goals and objectives for entering the Fellowship program
    • Licensure as an Occupational Therapist by California Board of OT (CBOT) – FORM:
  • Personal Interview required (virtual as needed).
  • Eligible for Advanced Practice credentialing through California Board of Occupational Therapy (CBOT) within 120 days of start.

ADVANCED PRACTISE REQUIREMENTS: Each applicant will be required to submit proof of the following completed education prior to final applicant consideration to program.

A.HAND THERAPY ADVANCED PRACTICE: Written proof of 25 CEU’s completedfor HAND THERAPY (50% of final requirement)

B.PHYSICAL AGENT MODALITIES (PAMS) ADVANCED PRACTICE: Written proof of 30 CEU’s completed for PAMS PRIOR to start date of Fellowship (100% of final requirement)

Minimal eligibility requirements:

  • Have excellent communication skills as evidenced by personal interview with Program coordinator.
  • Being physically able to appropriately perform manual examination and treatment procedures.
  • May be asked for participation in a mock initial evaluation and treatment on a subject.
  • Having the psychological, social and physical stability required for participation in and successful completion of the Program requirements.
  • Current BLS (Basic Life Support) certification.
  • Valid Driver’s license (must have reliable transportation).
  • Comply with all Pine Street Physical and Occupational Therapy /PTSolutions employment requirements.